Girl-Hostess (Party-Girl)
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Girl-Hostess (Party-Girl)
Type of establishment
Name of institution
We cooperate with all the clubs in Seoul.
Selection criteria
Age of candidates from 18 to 28 years.
Well-groomed appearance and slim body.
Sociability, cheerfulness and positive attitude.
Discipline, desire to work and earn.
Term of the contract
From 1 to 3 months.
The national currency of Korea is Won / KRW / W.
The rate is 760000W (about $ 700).
It is paid once a month.
Additional income
It consists of accruals for the following items:
  • % during communication with the guests of the club at the table.
    The institution is a chic karaoke club, so you can sing, dance, and play fun games.
    10000W (about 9 $) - 1 hour of communication. % is paid daily.
  • Tipping in the amount of 10 $ -50 $ and higher for the evening, as gratitude from visitors for attention and company.
Average monthly income
The club works daily (without days off).
From 19:00 to 05:00.
One day off per month according to the schedule previously agreed with you.
Comfortable living conditions in apartments with all amenities rented for club staff.
There are 2 people in the rooms.
Living at the expense of the employer.
Type of Visa.
For citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, access to Korea is carried out on a visa (the period of stay up to 90 days), which you make out yourself or with the help of specialized agencies, tour companies. The cost of a visa you pay at your own expense.
P.S. Citizens of Ukraine we offer assistance in obtaining a Korean visa.
For citizens of Russia visa-free entry to Korea, directly at the airport without cash fees put stamps on entry and exit, the permitted stay of up to 60 days. Therefore, you can go on a contract immediately, being outside the country of your citizenship.
Citizens of other countries specify the visa information from the managers of our company.
Citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova are paid by the employer to 2 sides, if the terms of the three-month contract period are fulfilled, and if the lesser period is worked out, 50% of the ticket cost.
Citizens of Russia living in the territory of the regions of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk are paid by an employer to 2 parties, and to residents of all other regions pay 50% of the cost of tickets.
Knowledge of languages
English is the main language of communication at work. Many people in Seoul speak English.
Most of our candidates start working abroad without knowing a single foreign language and start learning directly on the contract.
If you do not speak the language, we advise you to start studying the lexical minimum from the time you approve your candidacy and practice on the spot.
You are also allowed to use translators on mobile phones during business hours.