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USA - United States of America
Miami, Los Angeles, New York.
Type of establishment
Name of institution
We cooperate with many US agents.
Selection criteria
Only girls.
Age from 18 to 30 years.
Well-groomed appearance and slim body.
Sociability, cheerfulness and positive attitude.
Discipline, desire to work and earn.
Tusovka in the club.
It is necessary to be in the club in beautiful clothes, to dance, thereby creating extras and a cheerful atmosphere in the institution.
The club specifically hires beautiful and cheerful girls in order to raise the rating of the institution.
Term of the contract
From 2 weeks to 1 year.
The national currency of the United States is $ / USD.
There is no fixed rate.
Additional income
Girls come to the United States to rest with the possibility of freelance work. You have to understand that every girl in an economically strong and developed country like the US automatically gets a chance to have colossal prospects for the future.
Example of sub-projects:
1. Model / Photo model.
2. Hostess at all kinds of exhibitions and presentations.
3. "Concierge Service" (selling cars, yachts, jewelry, tickets for concerts, etc.).
Comfortable living conditions in a house with all amenities on the ocean.
In the rooms there are 1-3 people.
Living at the expense of the employer. For the accommodation you need to visit the club twice a week.
At the expense of the employer.
Type of visa - tourist.
You can apply for a visa in the USA or order in specialized agencies, tour companies.
You pay for the visa at your own expense.
Flight to 2 sides at the expense of the employer. Provided visits to the club are + 2 times a week (in general, together with accommodation 3-4 times a week).
You also have the opportunity to buy a ticket yourself, which will reduce your visits to clubs in clubs up to 2 times a week (working only for accommodation).
The cost of an airfare of $ 500, can vary depending on the airline's current tariffs for the day of your departure.
You have the opportunity to buy a ticket using the "ticket in installments" service, which is now provided by many banks.
Knowledge of languages
There are no requirements for knowledge of any foreign language.
Most of our candidates start working abroad without knowing a single foreign language and start learning directly on the contract.
We advise you to start studying the lexical minimum from the moment of approval of your candidacy and practice already on the spot.