Dancers Strip/Pole-Dance
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Dancers Strip/Pole-Dance
Type of establishment
Name of institution
Dancers Strip / Pole-Dance.
You can without work experience, training!
Selection criteria
Age of candidates from 18 to 30 years.
Well-groomed appearance and slim body.
Sociability, cheerfulness and positive attitude.
Discipline, desire to work and earn.
Participation in the show program (performances of topless).
Presence of costumes for the show (for lack of a visit to the employer there is an opportunity to receive an advance payment for the purchase).
Disco support.
Communication with the guests of the club at a table, during which you are generously treated with drinks.
You need to create a friendly and kind atmosphere in the company of the visitor.
Term of the contract
Guarantor 1500 $ per month.
Additional income
The guarantor consists of the following accruals:
1. 30% of the cost of all drinks that the guest of the club ordered for you. On request, your personal manager will send you a Crazy Coctails card with a price.
2. 50% of the Crazy Meny. This menu, which includes various services of the club, such as: consummation, ordering a dance, sprinkling dancers with rose petals, gift of a perfume dancer, gift of a bouquet of flowers to a dancer.
On request, your personal manager will send you a Crazy Meny card with a price.
3. 50% of the tip.
If within a month for all positions you earned less than $ 1500, in any case you will be paid a guarantor (in the amount of $ 1500). And if you earned for example $ 3000, then you will be paid the entire amount.
Average monthly income
Comfortable living conditions in apartments with all amenities rented for club staff.
In the rooms there are 2-3 people.
Living at the expense of the employer.
All girls get to the place of work independently using public transport or a taxi that costs a penny.
Type of visa - tourist. For citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and other countries visa-free entry to Armenia, stamps on entry and exit are put directly at the airport without money charges. Therefore, you can go on a contract immediately, being outside the country of your citizenship. Citizens of other countries specify the visa information from the managers of our company.
Contract. The work contract is signed on the territory of the employer for a period of 1 to 6 months.
Medical insurance. The employer undertakes to insure the health of the employee in case of injuries on the premises of the institution and to produce all the necessary additional costs associated with treatment.
With the conditions for working out a three-month contract period, the air travel to one side is paid by the employer.
Knowledge of languages