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Work and travel with us!


Do you dream of successfully and profitably working abroad?
The recruitment agency "7Stars Agency" offers its services.
My name is Kira, Kira was born in the city of Kiev, Ukraine.
Having a difficult life situation in 19 years, she ventured to fly to a contract. It was not always easy, but the way to the dream and the desire to know the world led it to the goal. Later, having visited almost all corners of the planet, a cheerful, bright, friendly nature, brought a lot of friends and had connections among conscientious employers. Becoming firmly on your feet, having created a strong team, opened your agency, doing your favorite thing, will help you achieve your dreams.
I have been the head of the recruitment agency "7Stars Agency" for 5 years already.
My assistants - Vlada, Vlada was born in Odessa, Ukraine.
Vocalist and restless traveler. Do not be surprised if you meet her on the contract, as she successfully combines the work of the manager with your favorite hobby - singing.
Aliya, Aliya was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Has a technical mindset, so pick up your contract with the highest figure of earnings. Her life credo is clarity and coherence in everything!
Tina, Tina was born in Kharkov, Ukraine.
A psychologist by training who, during the consultation, will understand your character and preferences, and therefore will choose the position and the country in which you will be most comfortable.
Viktoria, Viktoria was born in Kiev, Ukraine.
For a long time she worked in a large visa center. Specializes in the design of visas of any type and knows all the legal subtleties of sending to any contract.
Alisa, Alisa was born in Kiev, Ukraine.
After graduation, she went on a contract to Italy, where she successfully combined the club work with daytime modeling. On one of the contracts I met my love. Girls, who will relay the baton? :)
Igor. Igor was born in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine.
Head of show-ballet. Often being abroad on contracts, he put on a show for many artists. At the moment, he is assembling the show-ballet participants in the acting staff.

We are a strong team of energetic, young, creative professionals who perform their work qualitatively!

We will provide you with a full range of employment services for interesting and well-paid work abroad in the developed and prosperous countries of the world in entertainment, show business, fashion and advertising.

About company
About company
Work and travel with us!

Our agency occupies a leading place in the job market because we have worked abroad for many years.

We know the whole system of work from the inside!

Work and travel with us!

During the existence of the project, many children were successfully employed. Many are our friends, colleagues, acquaintances, acquaintances of friends who addressed us on recommendations and of course candidates who found us simply through the Internet.

About company
About company
Work and travel with us!

The principle of our work is 100% fulfillment of obligations to you.

Why us?
  • 1Official employment

    Our agency has all the necessary documents confirming the official right to work in the labor market.

  • 2Work without intermediaries

    We have concluded direct contracts on cooperation with employers offering only the best working conditions.

  • 3Comprehensive assistance

    We are a large team of professionals with many years of experience, which consists of a whole staff of employees, which includes managers consultants, document managers, as well as specialists in administrative services (lawyers, translators, etc.), whose main goal is comprehensive assistance in matters employment abroad.

  • 4Free employment

    Our services for finding a job for you are absolutely free. The direct employer pays for the mediation.

  • 5Work place guarantee

    We do not need to have a model appearance for successful employment, we will find a suitable vacancy for you with your type, we cooperate with many institutions, among which each of you will choose your most successful!

  • 6Employment of candidates from all countries

    Citizenship does not matter. Employment abroad with the help of our agency is offered not only to candidates from Ukraine, but also from all post-Soviet countries: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, etc. Your place of residence does not matter, since we cooperate online.

  • 7Execution of departure on credit

    If you do not have the opportunity to pay for a job, we are ready to provide you with a credit card. By trusting you we credit! No first investment from you!

  • 8Sending for work group / group trip

    You decided to fly to a contract, but it's hard for you to go one, especially the first time. In order to dispel your fears and doubts, we offer employment in groups of 3-5 people to one employer. The group is your future team and guaranteed friends.

  • 9Ability to change employer

    We provide the opportunity to promptly change employers in case of force majeure.

  • 10Support for personal manager

    During the entire period of the contract, your personal manager reacts promptly to all kinds of questions and requests on your part 24/7.

  • 11We will arrange for you 365 days of sun