In the XXI century - the era of the Internet, technological progress, the younger generation does not use print publications to find work anymore, but draws information on the vacancy and employer that is of interest only in the Internet.

Therefore, we want to ask all candidates employed by our agency:
1. Remove the video report. The video can be quite short from 10 seconds. up to 1 minute.
You can make a video while on the street with your friends / friends, at the hotel, near the club, the artists can be asked to record their performance. In a word, fantasize).
When recording a video, please mention:
a) The name of the country and city in which you are on the contract. A couple of words about the city itself whether he likes you, whether the people are friendly.
b) The name of the institution in which you work. What is your opinion about the director, what is the situation in the team, your general impressions of the work.
c) Your opinion about the work of the manager who supervises you with the name.
d) Your opinion on cooperation with our agency with the name of 7Stars Agency

2. Make a photo.
You can make both selfies and collective photos. The photo can be made anywhere, against the backdrop of attractions, in a restaurant, under the name of the institution in which you work.

But a prerequisite is the presence on the photo of a sheet of paper, which will clearly show the name of the agency 7Stars Agency

Most recently, you yourself went to your first contract and like nobody else remember the experiences of the parents, your fear and fear before the trip, the constant monitoring of conflicting reviews about work, doubts about the correctness of the choice of employment agency.

And now imagine if you were originally provided with video and photo reviews of girls who are currently on a contract that the country likes, who are satisfied with the conditions of work and life.

You should understand that, of course, the positive comments you leave will help candidates who only think about the vacancies offered on our website with confidence and calmness to make a decision about working abroad.

Therefore, let us help each other to make the right choice - thereby approaching the fulfillment of dreams).

A big request to all managers and agencies not to copy the text of this article!

Let's respect each other's work, because we work in one area of activity.