Black list of employees

After the grief-worker was fired with a scandal, he again goes to plow the expanses of the labor market.

Companies for employment abroad are many, employees - even more, and the prosecuted employee will quickly find a new employer, and the company - a new candidate.

Each employer has his own separate register of problem staff and he knows nothing about the sins of other employees.

"Penalties" should not rejoice at their own impunity.

We created a single register of unreliable candidates who showed themselves as ill-mannered, unreliable, unorganized, unprofessional people both in relation to the very process of work and directly to the direct employer, manager or colleagues.

A resume came from the applicant - and now any employer simply entering the name of the applicant for vacancy in the system, will immediately find in the database information about all jambs, violations of discipline and other events of working life that do not adorn the candidate at all.

After reading the feedback of other employers, you can quickly decide whether the candidate is suitable or better to refuse to cooperate with him.

All the information provided about the problem employee is checked for authenticity.