12. 04. 2018
Turkey is beautiful at any time of year, especially Ankara! This is Lisa and her first contract at the club Monamur. She is positive and confident, because the work brings her only profit and pleasure. Thank you for Lizonka's trust, we will be happy to work with you again!
15. 04. 2018
Turning to our agency, Anya asked the question: "Can I skip the gray routine that takes place in her life, and immediately go to the part where she travels the world." "Of course!" - we answered.Anya has now settled more than one country - majestic Turkey, sunny Cyprus, luxurious Emirates and on this she is not going to stop, because there are so many beautiful corners of the planet.
25. 03. 2018
If there is a paradise on Earth, then it is in Cyprus. The island of sun and winds, history and legend, as well as a clean, brilliant sea. Cyprus is an island with a big heart, which welcomes all guests as its friends, and also opens unlimited opportunities for the realization of their dreams. Our Lenochka was convinced of this by going there on her second contract.