Dancers Strip/Pole-Dance
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Dancers Strip/Pole-Dance
Type of establishment
Name of institution
Selection criteria
Age of candidates from 18 to 35 years.
Well-groomed appearance and slim body.
Sociability, cheerfulness and positive attitude.
Discipline, desire to work and earn.
Participation in the show program. The number of rooms and the time of the program are negotiated individually. Having costumes for the show.
Disco support.
Communicate with the guests of the club at the table (you need to create a friendly and kind atmosphere in the company of the visitor), during which you are generously treated with drinks.
Term of the contract
The national currency of Spain is Euro / €.
There is no fixed rate.
The minimum wage is from 80 € per day.
Additional income
  • 50% of the cost of all drinks that the guest of the club ordered for you.
  • For all glasses - 10 € for each, and for 5 glasses - 20 € (20-30 minutes of communication).
    1 small bottle of champagne - 60 € (40 minutes of communication).
    % is paid daily.
  • Tipping.
  • Show program. For each exit from the show on the stage, 15 € is paid (you can dance like topless without undressing).
  • 50% of private dances. Private dance costs 100 €, lasts 30 minutes.
  • Rendezvous. By mutual consent, the guest can buy you 2 hours break during work, for which you can ask the guest to thank you for your attention and the company tips in the amount of $ 120 and above (this money goes directly to your pocket).
Average monthly income
From 21:00 to 5:00.
Comfortable living conditions in apartments with all amenities rented for club staff.
In the rooms there are 2-3 people.
For residence the employer deducts 3 € from your salary.
Type of visa - tourist.
Entry to the territory of Spain is carried out on a Schengen visa of any type that you must register yourself or order in specialized agencies, tour companies. The
For citizens of Ukraine in the presence of a biometric passport visa-free entry.
The cost of air travel 50 € -150 €, can vary depending on the airline's current tariffs for the day of your departure.
You have the opportunity to buy an air ticket using the "ticket in installments" service, which is now provided by many banks.
Knowledge of languages
Spanish is the main language of communication at work.
To begin with, at least a basic knowledge of English is sufficient.
Most of our candidates start working abroad without knowing a single foreign language and start learning directly on the contract.
If you do not speak the language, we advise you to start studying the lexical minimum from the moment you approve your candidacy and practice on the spot.